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Accepting responsibility for our personal safety, safe job performance and the safety of others

Safety and Security begin with me.

Historically, SRS has been a leader in safety performance. Continued success depends on a commitment by all employees to continue to grow the strong safety culture we have enjoyed for many years.

The safety policies established at SRS ensure a safe working environment for employees, visitors, subcontractors and the public. Our policy recognizes a variety of safety and health procedures and personal protective equipment to ensure all workers have appropriate protection from job related hazards. Additionally, our policy is that work will stop rather than continue unsafely, and this Rigging safetypolicy is never compromised.

It is every employee’s responsibility to correct unsafe acts and conditions. Our employees accept responsibility for their personal safety, safe job performance and the safety of others.

Working safely means engaging the Integrated Safety Management System principles:

arrow Defining the scope of work,

arrow Analyzing the hazards,

arrow Developing and implementing hazard controls,

arrow Performing safe work,

arrow Providing feedback and continually improving the job

SRNS continues to build upon the first-class safety culture that was first established at SRS in the early 50’s. SRNS employees are the company’s single greatest assets, and the company has an obligation – an imperative – to provide them with a safe workplace.

Radiological SafetyThe SRNS construction workforce reached an unprecedented 24 million hours (12 consecutive years) without a losing a day of work due to an injury.

SRNS Operations employees worked 11 months without a lost time injury last year. Currently, they have obtained three million safe hours and counting.

For the sixth straight year, SRNL remained the safest of DOE’s twelve multi-program national laboratories.

SRNS has been externally recognized by the National Safety Council and the South Carolina Manufacturers Alliance for excellent injury rate performance, recognizing that the operations rate for lost and restricted workday cases was far less than the industry average.

VPP Star Status awarded to SRNS at the 2010
VPP Star Status awarded to SRNS at the 2010
Integrated Safety Management Workshop

SRNS was also recently recognized by the DOE Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) when it received recertification status. SRNS was awarded the DOE VPP Star of Excellence for exceptional safety performance in 2009 and has earned three Legacy of Stars awards by achieving Star of Excellence for three consecutive years. This is the highest VPP honor awarded by DOE.


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