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SRNS Safety Program Earns DOE’s Legacy of STARs Award for Safety SRNS Safety Program Earns DOE’s Legacy of STARs Award for Safety, continuing to achieve STAR Status within DOE's Voluntary Protection Program. Only a small percentage of DOE sites, laboratories and... MORE

2013 Monitoring Report States SRS Environmentally Safe2013 Monitoring Report States SRS Environmentally Safe,
continuing to safely complete goals related to its missions while maintaining its record of environmental excellence. The site’s radioactive... MORE

SRS Information Pods SRS Information Pods. The public was invited to attend a free information event focused on four SRS mission areas on Monday, September 22, at Beaufort High School in Beaufort, SC... MORE

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11.12.14   Mobile Seminar for Local Teachers, Provides Inside Tour and Special Insight into SRS Projects and Programs during National Science Week

11.06.14   SRNS Executive “Steels” Welding Students for Life after School

11.04.14   SRNS Analytical Labs Maintains Operations while Safely Completing Coil Replacement

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