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6   |   SRNS TODAY   |   MARCH 2021

                  SRS surplus benefits

                  Louisiana flood zone

                  One person’s trash, they say, is another’s treasure.

             W            hen Parish President Gordon Dove of   Terrebonne Parish, located approximately 50 miles

                          Terrebonne Parish Consolidated Government
                                                                southwest of New Orleans, is building a new pump
                          in Houma, Louisiana, saw a pair of massive
                                                                station to mitigate flooding during the region’s
                          diesel generators from SRS on the federal
                 government’s list of available surplus property, he knew he   legendary storm events. The generators will power
                                                                four 900 horsepower motors that will drive 66-inch
                 had found a treasure. He immediately dispatched members   pumps to keep them functioning if the power goes
                 of the Public Works staff to work with                        off, always a possibility during
                 their regional State Agency for Surplus                       a storm.
                 Property, which coordinates with the                          Getting the two generator systems
                 federal property program. “We jumped                          to Louisiana was no small feat,
                 on it pretty quickly as soon as we                            requiring carefully orchestrated
                 found out about it,” Carl Ledet, Forced                       operations to load them for
                 Drainage Superintendent, said of the                          shipping. In addition to the two
                 two complete generator systems.
                                                                               generators, weighing 108,000
                 After it was determined that the                              pounds each, the equipment
                 generators were no longer required                            includes one 40,000-gallon fuel oil
                 for their original purpose, the National                      tank for each generator, each tank
                 Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA)                        measuring 40 feet long 13 feet
                 and SRNS property management                                  wide and just over 45,000 pounds
                 personnel went through a step-by-                             and each transported via an
                 step process to identify the most beneficial use for the   oversized load tractor trailer. The two systems also
                 equipment. After confirming that they were not needed for   included 10 additional tractor trailer loads of all the
                 other missions at SRS, or by other Department of Energy   supporting equipment to make the generators as fully
                 sites, they placed the generators and accessories on the   functional as possible upon arrival. Terrebonne Parish
                 list of available surplus federal property.    was responsible for all transportation costs.

                                                2 generator systems
                      108,000 40,000 40’x13’

                      pounds each generator         gallon fuel tank each       tank measurements

                           + 10 tractor trailer loads of supporting equipment
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