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              SRNS and South Carolina State University (SC State) are partnering
              to create a Fire Protection Engineering degree program, which
              fulfills a workforce need at SRS and provides new career
              opportunities for university students.
              Hiring Fire Protection Engineers (FPEs) at
              SRS is a challenge because no regional                     Hot
              schools offer the degree. An FPE analyzes
              fire hazards; performs building analyses,
              inspections, fire code and engineering
              evaluations; and approves new fire protection
              system installations and design documents for facility construction.

              “We’re excited about the discussions taking place with SC State to   topic
              create an FPE program. Early on, we provided information to the
              university about the skills students should have upon graduating,
              and then the university created the curriculum and proposed
              courses for a degree program,” said Eric Johnson, SRNS Fire
              Protection Engineer Manager.                                SRNS partners
              To offer this program to their students, SC State must receive
              approval from the South Carolina Commission on Higher Education   with SC State
              and the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.
              “The College of Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, and   to create a
              Transportation is very delighted for the opportunity to partner with
              Savannah River Nuclear Solutions to find solutions to problems of
              mutual interest,” said Dr. Stanley Ihekweazu, Department of Civil and   Fire Protection
              Mechanical Engineering Technology and Nuclear Engineering Dean.
              Both SRNS and SC State will benefit from the new program.   Engineering
              SC State will utilize the program as a recruiting tool, and SRNS
              will grow its talent pipeline. In February 2020, SRNS and the   degree program
              university signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU), ensuring
              support for mutually beneficial programs. The creation of this Fire
              Protection Engineering program is one tangible result of the MOU.
              “We are looking forward to this new program at SC State getting
              underway,” said Rich Zaharek, SRNS Director of Engineering
              Technical Services. “It is a great example of how our partnership
              with the university ensures that graduating students who want to
              work at SRNS have the skills needed to qualify for these specialized
              positions. The degree program will also benefit companies
              throughout the state, region and Department of Energy complex as
              Fire Protection is a critical element for other industries as well.”
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