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                                              to the May 2019 edition of
                                              SRNS Today

                          Stuart MacVean
                     SRNS President and CEO

                                              Employees at Savannah River Nuclear Solutions are always looking for ways to
                                              improve our operations, our environment and the future of our company.
                                              Our Savannah River Site Training organization recognized a need to enhance our
                                              ability to quickly train new maintenance workers while ensuring that they are qualified
                                              to perform their tasks. These employees’ skills keep our operations moving smoothly
                                              and getting them ready for hands-on work is vital. Strategic efficiency improvements
                                              have resulted not only in a reduction in total training time, but also produced a
                                              $1 million cost savings. It’s a win-win for everyone.
                                              We continue our Environmental Stewardship work with proven cleanup techniques,
                                              such as the ones being used to clean the groundwater from the decommissioned
                                              C Reactor to Castor Creek. These low-cost yet high-impact techniques help in our
                                              efforts to return SRS to its natural state.
                                              During May, we celebrated our developing workforce and the youth who may be our
                                              workforce in the future. Our company’s leadership attended the annual Leadercast
                                              event with our mid-career professionals and a management social with our early-
                                              career professionals. These two events give all the participants a chance to
                                              network, to learn about each other, and our company’s goals and missions. Plus,
                                              we’re happy to have presented 15 scholarships to children of our employees. We’re
                                              excited to play a part in furthering their education and hope that they’ll consider
                                              SRNS in their career plans.
                                              I hope you enjoy this month’s edition of SRNS Today, and as always, thank you for
                                              your interest in Savannah River Nuclear Solutions.

                                              Savannah River Nuclear Solutions, LLC, is a Fluor-led company whose members are Fluor Federal Services, Newport
                                              News Nuclear and Honeywell. Since August 2008, SRNS has been the management and operating contractor for
                                              the Savannah River Site, a Department of Energy-owned site near Aiken, South Carolina, including the Savannah
                                              River National Laboratory. The SRNS corporate and community offices are located in the renovated 1912 “Old Post
                                              Office” building in Aiken, S.C. The primary initiatives of SRNS are national security, clean energy and environmental
                                              stewardship. SRNS Today is published monthly by SRNS Corporate Communications to inform our employees
                                              and other stakeholders of the company’s operational- and community-related activities. If you have questions or
                                              comments, please contact us at 803.952.6131 or visit our website.

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