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6   |   SRNS TODAY   | MAY 2021

            Drones inspect closed

            and covered waste sites

            C     amera-mounted drones have been seen hovering,   “The pandemic forced us to think outside of the box and come
                  dipping and gliding along above the engineered covers
                                                                 up with a safer way to demonstrate to our regulators all is
                  of fully remediated SRS waste sites to ensure their
                                                                 geosynthetic material, soil and topped with grass sod. Nearly
            continued structural integrity.                      well with our engineered covers, which consist of a special
                                                                 every one of our regulators has been working from home,
            “This is a new use for our drones, and it’s had a huge impact
            on meeting the needs of our Federal and State regulators who   and no one wants the increased risk of driving to the Site
            annually conduct site inspections. For this aerial inspection,   and gathering to use traditional Site inspection methods,”
            10 engineered protective covers at waste facilities within SRS   said Maddox. “So, we’re meeting virtually and viewing aerial
            were inspected,” said Juana Maddox, Project Lead, SRNS   footage and photos. We have high expectations that this will
            Area Completion Projects. “Normally, we send out teams of   work out extremely well for everyone.”
            employees to walk these sites, which combined can be more   All involved agree that the advantages of using drones for this
            than 100 acres in size.”                             purpose are significant.
            Maddox noted that waste site infrastructure, such as signs,   “We can quickly and efficiently ensure all aspects of the
            monitoring wells and fencing, has to be inspected as well.  remediated waste site are in good condition in a fraction of the

             SRNL employees Dalton Hare (left) and Jeff Steedley prepare a drone for flight to visually inspect engineered protective covers at remediated SRS waste sites.
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