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          Walt Joseph speaks to SRNS employees about the site’s valuable contributions to the nation and preserving its heritage.
        Walt Joseph offers perspective on SRS history, legacy

        Walt Joseph has spent his life serving his country as a soldier and   Joseph explained. He worked in many positions, from running
        working at SRS. One of the few surviving original employees from   transportation to doing research in equipment engineering.
        the early 1950s, his patriotism and commitment to preserving the   As retirement approached, Joseph felt his contributions to the Site
        Site’s heritage are timeless.
                                                               were not over. “SRS has made an enormous contribution to the
        During a recent presentation to the SRNS Site Training Department   community, the country, and the world. I think it’s important that
        and new hires, Joseph recalled SRS contributions that helped end   local people understand this: take pride in it and support it in all of
        the Cold War.                                          its various aspects,” Joseph said.
        “Very few people recognize that SRS made major contributions   In the early 2000s, Joseph and a group of other SRS supporters
        to this nation and to the world in terms of avoiding World War III   realized the site was missing something other nuclear sites have
        and winning the Cold War,” Joseph explained. “SRS is one of the   —a heritage museum. In 2003, plans began to create a heritage
        reasons the Soviets could not keep up with our technology.”  foundation for the site he had spent a career serving.
        Joseph and his wife, Paula, moved to Aiken from Pennsylvania in   Joseph said, “I think SRS continues to have the potential for
        1954 so Joseph could pursue a career at SRS. Prior to moving   progress into the foreseeable future, and to do it, support is
        to Aiken, he had already served in the military and completed   needed from the community. I hope that the museum is able to
        his master’s degree in mechanical engineering at Penn State   help build that kind of support through education about the Site’s
        University. Joseph first began working at, what was known at the   important history and service to the nation.”
        time as “the Savannah River Laboratory,” where he stayed for 12   Investing countless hours to bring his vision to life, the Savannah
        years. “We did some pioneering work on the effects of radiation on   River Site Heritage Foundation, was chartered in 2005. And now,
        structural materials,” Joseph said.                    the SRS Museum is located on Laurens Street in Aiken, near the
        After several years at the lab, Joseph wanted to share the   SRNS Aiken Office. Currently closed for interior restoration, the
        important work he was doing at the site, which wasn’t an option   museum will host a grand re-opening ceremony in August.
        in his first SRS role. He requested to transfer from the laboratory   At the end of his presentation to SRNS employees, Joseph offered
        to a Site operations position.  “I decided that while I loved the   this advice. “Be aware of your heritage and take pride in what you
        science and technology happening in the lab, I liked people more,”
                                                               are doing for our nation,” said Joseph.

           SRNS honored with Palmetto Shining Star safety award

            SRNS recently received the Palmetto Shining Star Award from   In June, SRNS marked a new company safety record when
            the S.C. Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulations,   the team surpassed 25 million safe work hours.
            demonstrating the strong safety culture at SRS.
                                                              Stuart MacVean says the company continuously builds upon
            The award reflects safety achievements and successful health   a long-standing legacy of safety at SRS. “Safety is woven into
            and safety programs from 2018. Employers must meet   the fabric of the Site and is a core value for all employees.
            certain criteria in order to be nominated, such as having zero   This award is further validation that our employees and the
            recordable injuries throughout the year or reaching one million   Site culture continue to make SRS a safe, secure and reliable
            safe work hours without a lost-day due to injury.  asset, both locally and nationally,” MacVean said.

            SRNS completed 2018 with an incidence rate that was 75   The S.C. Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulations
            percent below the national average. The operations workforce   awarded the Palmetto Shining Star to 24 South Carolina-
            exceeded 17 million safe work hours in 2018, and the   based companies.
            construction workforce exceeded two million safe work hours.
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