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6   |   SRNS TODAY   |   JULY 2019

           When seconds count…

           SRNS trainers honored for teaching lifesaving courses

        Three members of the SRNS Site Training Department recently
        received Champions Awards from SRNS Chief Operating Officer
        Dennis Carr for their work to certify employees in CPR and first aid,
        leading to lifesaving responses at SRS and in the community.
        Dr. Lisa Sanders, Kevin O’Donnell and John Raeth were recognized for
        teaching the classes that have led to 30 SRNS employees responding to
        save the lives of coworkers, family members or strangers since 2013.
        “It is humbling to see the significant
        number of employees who voluntarily                      SRNS Trainers Dr. Lisa Sanders, Kevin O’Donnell (left) and John Raeth were recently
        seek out CPR and first aid training and   “There’s no app for CPR.”  honored for teaching lifesaving techniques.
        the trainers who strive to provide as   Kevin O’Donnell
        many classes as possible,” said Rick                    necessary to have the training when seconds can mean the difference
        Sprague, SRNS Senior Vice President,                    between life and death.”
        Environmental, Safety, Health and Quality.              In addition to learning CPR, trainees in the CPR and First Aid
        “The work of the SRNS trainers and the compassion of employees   Certification course are also taught how to respond to a person
        frequently come together to save lives. Each of those cases serve as   choking and proper techniques to address other common
        a reminder of the importance of this valuable certification, and those   emergency situations.
        who are committed to teaching the course.”
                                                                “CPR classes will give trainees the tools and the confidence they need
        Emergencies can happen anywhere, at any time. However, according   to transform from the role of a bystander to a lifesaver,” said Sanders,
        to the American Heart Association, four out of five cardiac arrests   a 20-year emergency room physician, who teaches CPR to employees,
        occur at home. Many victims of sudden cardiac arrest appear healthy   paramedics and other offsite medical personnel. “I get excited when I
        and may not have any known heart diseases or risk factors.   see the ‘light bulb’ go on for a student and it’s even more meaningful
        According to SRNS Training Instructor Kevin O’Donnell, a former U.S.   when we see a trainee respond and save a life. It’s important to know
        Navy corpsman and paramedic, “There’s no app for CPR, and it’s   we can help others and protect ourselves in a medical emergency.”
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