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In this issue
  • Augmented reality and virtual reality transforms pit production operations
  • NNSA Information Management visit
  • B Area storm shelters provide safe haven
  • Supply chain leaders solidify mutual support agreement for pit production
  • Mentor-Protégé Program advances small business contractor
  • SRNS children’s Earth Day art contest
  • SRS strengthens safety culture at expo
  • SRS employee named 2023 EM Small Business Advocate MVP
  • AHA Heart Walk Campaign success
  • Family Scholarships distribute $45K among 15 winners
  • STEM Pals: Connecting STEM experts to the community
  • SRS educates >2,000 at DIG STEM Festival
  • ‘I Spy Math in Nature’ offers online learning for budding students
  • ‘STEM That Travels’ captivates K-12
  • Turkey Hunt breaks barriers for disabled sportsmen
  • The People of SRNS: Sandra (Lea) Simons
  • Teamwork makes the dream work

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December 2021

arrowRegulators approve cleanup plan for stream corridor

arrowAugusta Metro Chamber of Commerce’s 2021 Corporation of the Year

arrowRecognition for South Carolina manufacturing excellence

arrowSRS contractors team up for United Way


arrow Critical Decision points for DOE Capital Projects per DOE Order 413.3B

arrow SRPPF advantages

arrow NNSA announces CD-1 approval

arrow The team A look inside


November 2021

arrowSite employees test materials to immobilize iodine-129 in groundwater

arrowInnovations protect and restore SRS environment

arrowNew equipment to allow resumption of waste characterization in SWMF

arrowSRTE team awarded for excellence

May 2021

arrow H Canyon makes room for new dissolver and new mission

arrow Sediment removal extends life of disassembly basin

arrow SRNS honored for NNSA mission support

arrow Celebrity Waiter Night raises over $30K for Children’s Place

arrow End of an era: Saying goodbye to SRNL

October 2021

arrowEngineering innovation in Tritium Facility results in $18.8M saved

arrowWorking toward ‘Green’ goal for mechanically maintained systems

arrowIdeas America Global awards winners

arrowWorkforce Appreciation

April 2021

arrow Tritium Extraction Facility gets ready for big year

arrow Equipment transfer moves SRS closer to plutonium removal

arrow SRNS wins multiple safety awards

arrow A red letter day. SRS donates firetruck to local fire department

arrow Apprenticeships lead to SRS careers

September 2021

arrowReducing worker radiation exposure during TEF equipment maintenance

arrowEngineers share expertise during WORCshop@AU

arrowD Area cooling tower demolished

arrow Workforce Appreciation

March 2021

arrow At the end of the line; SRS sells special purpose railroad cars to environmental cleanup company

arrow HB Line remote monitoring saves $1.8M annually

arrow Protecting SRS wetlands

arrow SRNS Heart Walk raises over $150,700

August 2021

arrow Key progress on nuclear legacy groundwater cleanup at F and H Areas

arrow H Area team improves parking lot lighting with low-cost solution

arrow Second cohort of Nuclear Operator Apprentices graduate

arrow SRNS Excess Express program helps others reuse $17 million in government property

February 2021

arrow H Canyon completes waste transfers early

arrow Life after College Night. Former scholarship winner job shadows SRNS nurses

arrow Savannah River Tritium Enterprise team awarded for excellence

arrow COVID-19 vaccine event

July 2021

arrow TOP OF THE LIST - SRNS is one of SC’s ‘Best Places to Work’

arrow Supply Chain reduces items in discrepant conditions

arrow Restoring 1M square feet and counting. Demolition of Cold War buildings helps SRS surpass major milestone

arrow Interns and apprentices enter job pipeline

January 2021

arrow 2020: Exemplary cleanup success at SRS

arrow 'Get on the Bus' Virtual Tour. Look beyond the barricades

arrow Supporting small and minority-owned businesses. SRNS Nominated for Corporation of the Year award

arrow On-site rapid testing strengthens SRS' COVID-19 response

June 2021

arrow AFGSC Deputy Commander visits SRS: Lt. Gen. Anthony Cotton emphasizes Site’s importance to national security

arrow In the Beam, Science in the Fast Lane

arrow And the winner is… Media Services wins two Telly Awards for excellence in video production

arrow SRNS Environmental Management System deemed ‘robust’


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