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DECEMBER 2018    |   SRNS TODAY   |   5
        Mini Grant inspires local teacher

        Richmond County educator

        is one of 15 finalists for $100K
        grant in national competition

        A 2018 SRNS Mini Grant Award recipient is a finalist for a
        $100,000 grant in a national competition.
        For 29 years, Valerie Mundell has sought to find ways to bring
        out the best in her emotionally troubled students, creatively
        inspiring them to recognize their potential while helping them
        advance academically.                                                                   Richmond County teacher
                                                                                                Valerie Mundell uses
        “It requires thinking outside the box,” said Mundell, a teacher in the                  unconventional methods
        Richmond County (Ga.) Sands Hill Program. “Conventional approaches                      to reach and teach her
        are largely ineffective. They need to be active and engaged, receiving                  emotionally challenged
        positive reinforcement when each appropriate opportunity appears.”                      students within the Sands
                                                                                                Hill Program.
        Mundell credits much of her recent success to an SRNS Mini Grant
        for $500 awarded to her earlier this year.             “We’ll use them for counting, rounding numbers and other learning
                                                               applications,” said Mundell. “It also helps them monitor their
        “The SRNS Educational Outreach program is amazing. They do
        so much to positively impact teachers throughout the region,” she   heart rate. They know when it gets high, it’s time to examine their
        added. “The grant received from them greatly helped my students   emotions and consider what’s needed to calm down.”
        and inspired me to take a chance and put the work into applying for   Mundell frequently uses drama, asking students to perform in
                     a $100,000 grant from Farmers Insurance.”  positive roles and settings to reinforce desired attributes and
                                                               attitudes while modeling productive, respectful and responsible
                        Mundell is one of 15 national finalists, five
                            of whom will receive a grant that could   behavior for others.
                                   have a huge impact on their   “We created our own civic outreach program, The Dream Team
                                    students and the schools they   Drama Club, where we offer short plays to groups of senior citizens
                                   represent.                  living nearby,” said Mundell. “The children are thrilled to perform for
                                                               them, and the seniors greatly enjoy the entertainment and attention.”
                                   For several months, Mundell
                                  has been experimenting with   Since 2009, SRNS has donated more than $500,000 to enhance
                                  the use of Fitbit activity trackers   local education through the annual SRNS Innovative Teaching
                                  as a mathematics-based       Mini Grants program. Each year, over 100 educators from the
                                 teaching tool, encouraging    greater Aiken-Augusta area receive grants ranging from $500
                                 students to stay active and   to $1,000. The program recognizes and supports projects that
                                 counting their steps during   enhance elementary and middle school science, mathematics and
                                various activities.            technology programs.
                               2018 Fluor Government Group Project of Excellence

                                       Savannah River Nuclear Solutions was awarded the 2018 Fluor Government Group Project of
                                       Excellence at this year’s Fluor Leadership Conference.  The early November event was held in
                                       Baltimore, Maryland. Stuart MacVean, SRNS President and CEO accepted the award from Tom
                                       D’Agostino, Fluor Government Group President.
                                       Fluor, an SRNS parent company, is a FORTUNE 500® company, ranking No. 153 in 2018.  Fluor
                                       executes more than 1,000 projects with more than 60,000 employees worldwide.
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