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APRIL 2019    |   SRNS TODAY   |   3

           Stepping toward the future

             SRNS accepts turnover of former MOX facilities

        SRNS has achieved another major milestone in the progress
        toward the future: accepting custodianship and operational   Facilities: By the numbers
        responsibility for the former MOX facilities.
        SRNS President and CEO Stuart MacVean praised the team of   500,000
        nearly 170 contractor and NNSA employees that made this
        milestone possible. “This has been an incredible feat to produce   square foot production facility
        and begin implementation of a transition plan,” he said. “What
        you have accomplished in a few short months is staggering    11 support facilities
        and extraordinary.”
        With this milestone, the team begins the operations and disposition   200 construction storage
        phase of the transition, which is expected to continue through   and support structures
        fiscal year 2021.
        Transition activities are being carried out in parallel with, but
        separate from, the preliminary planning for the proposed Savannah   production facility, 11 support facilities and more than 200
        River Plutonium Processing Facility (SRPPF). NNSA’s recommended   construction storage and support structures.
        alternative for supplying a portion of the nation’s plutonium pits
        is to repurpose the former MOX facility for this mission. Each of   An independent Readiness Review Assessment confirmed SRNS
        these separate initiatives—MOX Transition and SRPPF planning—  was prepared for the turnover.
        plays an important role in setting SRS on a future course of service   Upcoming transition activities, which make up the operations and
        to the nation as we make the world safer.              disposition phase, will focus on operation and maintenance of
                                                               facilities and disposition of government property. During this time,
        The Transition Team’s efforts so far ranged from a multi-discipline
        evaluation of the facilities, to installing new locks on over 200   NNSA will make decisions about the disposition of all the project’s
        buildings and structures, to dealing with an inventory that   government property, with priority for property being provided to
        runs to millions of items. The first phase of their work was the   NNSA mission activities, followed by DOE missions before other
        development of the Transition Plan. This was followed by the   government or public disposition avenues will be opened.
        implementation phase, during which assessments were performed;   As transition activities began, a large number of former MOX
        facilities, warehouses and laydown areas were walked down; and   Services employees accepted employment with SRNS, and more
        records were reviewed in each of the functional areas. Facilities   are expected to follow, bringing their expertise and experience to
        being turned over include the 500,000-square-foot hardened   SRNS’ continued delivery of results for DOE, NNSA and the nation.
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