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6   |   SRNS TODAY   |   APRIL 2019

               Deputy Secretary visits SRS

               SRNS President and CEO Stuart
               MacVean (left) talks with
               Department of Energy Deputy
               Secretary Dan Brouillette
               (center) and the Deputy
               Secretary’s Chief of Staff James
               (Jim) John Colgary during
               their visit to SRS. Deputy
               Secretary Brouillette visited
               the site to see first-hand the
               progress being made at SRS
               on the new enduring plutonium
               pit production mission. His
               visit included a tour of the
               proposed Savannah River
               Plutonium Processing Facility,
               and discussions with SRS
               leadership about activities
               in support of planning and
               design initiatives.

            SRNS retirement plan receives national awards

            SRNS was recently recognized as a recipient of a Best in Class   Pensions & Investments Defined
            401(k) Plans by PLANSPONSOR. In addition, SRNS was honored   Contribution Conference held in Fort
            by the International Magazine of Money Management, Pensions   Lauderdale, Fla. This award program   Savannah River Nuclear Solutions, LLC
            and Investments with a first place EDDY award for Conversion   recognized best practices in offering   Multiple Employer Pension Plan
                                                                                               Summary Plan Description
            of the Defined Contribution SIP 401(k) Plan.          investment and financial education
            In August 2017, SRNS transferred its Defined Contribution Plan to   to defined contribution plan
            Transamerica Retirement Solutions, which enhanced the current   participants. SRNS was recognized
            plan for the existing and future workforce. With this transition, SRNS   for thoroughness in transition
            provides broader financial wellness seminars, and participation in the   communications including mail,
            plan has increased seven percent to 96 percent.       email, a website, an internal
                                                                  newsletter, a dedicated phone
            According to SRNS Retirement Services Manager Rebecca Ward,   line and in-person conversations.
            SRNS began preparations for the conversion of their 401(k) Plan                    SAVANNAH RIVER NUCLEAR SOLUTIONS, LLC MULTIPLE EMPLOYER PENSION PLAN
                                                                                                    EFFECTIVE JANUARY 1, 2018
            from Mercer to TransAmerica Retirement Solutions in 2016.   On March 23, PLANSPONSOR
                                                                  hosted a celebration to honor best
            “TransAmerica bought Mercer’s book of business for defined   in class companies providing a secure retirement for the
            contribution plans which initiated the change to TransAmerica for   American workforce. They recognized SRNS along with 33 other
            401(k) record keeping,” Ward said. “It was going to be a lot of   organizations demonstrating excellence in plan design, oversight
            change, so we thought we might as well add features and create   and governance, and participant outcomes of their 401(k) plans.
            improvements to the plan. It was very well received, and the
            conversion to the new recordkeeper TransAmerica went smoothly.   Ward explained that as the SRNS workforce ages, the company is
            We now have over 9,500 participants,” she concluded.  hiring more early– to mid–career professionals. “It is important to
                                                                  create a work environment that is engaging, stimulating and promotes
            Pensions & Investments magazine recognized the 2019 EDDY   workforce retention. Hopefully, this best-in-class retirement plan will be
            Awards recipients on March 11 in an awards ceremony at the   one of the key factors that makes SRNS the employer of choice.”
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