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                                                                    new faces

                                                to     SRNS places

                     Hiring fires up as new missions evolve and ‘Boomers’ retire

                         Walk down nearly any hallway at SRNS,

                     and you’re bound to meet a new employee.
                     Since October 2014, SRNS has hired more
                  than 3,000 employees and expects the recent
                           increase in annual hiring to continue.

                   SRNS hired 552 employees last year, the most hired
               by the site management and operations contractor since

                           the 1990s and has already hired more than

                              900 new employees in fiscal year 2019.

                                           Newly-hired SRNS crane operators
                                              Aisha Martin and Nick Demko,
                                       both military veterans, work together to
                                     become familiar with SRS cranes as a part
                                       of their site orientation and job training.
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