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         “Our plans are to hire approximately 750 new employees a year for the next two years
         and quite possibly beyond that point,” said SRNS President and CEO Stuart MacVean. “We
         have enduring missions to perform involving nuclear materials management, environmental
         stewardship and the Savannah River National Laboratory, as examples. Performing these
         missions safely, securely and efficiently requires we maintain certain levels of staffing
         throughout our organization.”
         Carol Barry, SRNS Senior Vice President, Workforce Services and Talent Management,
         explained that there are two primary reasons for this need to hire in such large numbers: an
         increased level in retirements and new missions.

         “Like most companies across the U.S., the “Baby Boomer” generation has reached an age
         where retirement has become practical and attractive,” said Barry. “We have over 6,000   750
         employees and will continue to see a significant percentage choose retirement. We expect
         that trend to continue for several years.”
                                                                                                new hires
         SRNS is also in the process of obtaining the resources necessary to support the proposed
         Savannah River Plutonium Processing Facility. “Though still early in the development of this
         proposed new mission, we have a need at this time to fill openings in several key areas, such   per year forecast
         as design engineering and project management,” said Barry.                          for next 2 years

                  The impact on and partnership with nearby technical colleges and universities is noteworthy.
                  “We are seeing the fruits of our investment in these schools,” said Barry. “We’ve formed Memoranda of
                  Agreement and worked closely with their officials to ensure they understand our employment requirements.
                  As a result, we have synergistically worked together to create curriculum to meet these needs.”

         According to Barry, this has resulted in a situation where local colleges and universities are
         attracting students who are aware that their odds of being hired straight out of school into a
         stable, well-paid job are greatly increased because of this mutually beneficial arrangement.  80

         “I think it’s important to keep in mind that we are not just filling job openings, we’re offering
         careers within our extended family,” said MacVean. “Which is why over the past five years,    percent
         80 percent of our new hires are local residents.
         “One of our primary goals is to ensure SRNS has a diverse, agile and engaged workforce in   of new hires
         place for the future that will positively impact SRS and the community we work and live in,”   in past 5 years are local
         MacVean said.

          3,000                        552                       900

          new employees              new employees             new employees

            hired since                  hired                     hired
           October 2014                 in 2018               to date in FY2019
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