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                                              to the July 2019 edition of
                                              SRNS Today

                          Stuart MacVean      I’m pleased to announce that the Department of Energy has awarded Savannah
                     SRNS President and CEO   River Nuclear Solutions a 14-month contract extension, with two additional
                                              12-month options. This extension is tangible proof in DOE’s confidence in our ability
                                              to get the job done in our role as the management and operations contractor
                                              for the Savannah River Site. Hats off to our workforce—it’s their hard work and
                                              dedication that makes our company a success.
                                              In addition to the contract news, SRNS is once again in the spotlight for our support
                                              of national security, our conduct of “smart business,” and our safety performance.
                                              Recently, we welcomed Vice Admiral Dave Kriete, Deputy Commander of the U.S.
                                              Strategic Command on a visit to SRS. Vice Admiral Kriete toured the Savannah River
                                              Tritium Enterprise as well as the proposed Savannah River Plutonium Processing
                                              Facility. I’m pleased that he was able to see first-hand our current contributions and
                                              future plans for national security.
                                              This month, SRNS was also honored by two South Carolina organizations. The S.C.
                                              Department of Health and Environmental Control presented our company with its
                                              2019 Smart Business Recycling Award for outstanding efforts in recycling and waste
                                              reduction. And, we also received the Palmetto Shining Star Award from the S.C.
                                              Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulations for our strong safety culture at SRS.
                                              I hope you enjoy this edition of SRNS Today, and as always, thank you for your interest
                                              in Savannah River Nuclear Solutions.

                                              Savannah River Nuclear Solutions, LLC, is a Fluor-led company whose members are Fluor Federal Services, Newport
                                              News Nuclear and Honeywell. Since August 2008, SRNS has been the management and operating contractor for
                                              the Savannah River Site, a Department of Energy-owned site near Aiken, South Carolina, including the Savannah
                                              River National Laboratory. The SRNS corporate and community offices are located in the renovated 1912 “Old Post
                                              Office” building in Aiken, S.C. The primary initiatives of SRNS are national security, clean energy and environmental
                                              stewardship. SRNS Today is published monthly by SRNS Corporate Communications to inform our employees
                                              and other stakeholders of the company’s operational- and community-related activities. If you have questions or
                                              comments, please contact us at 803.952.6131 or visit our website.

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