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10   |   SRNS TODAY   |   MAY 2019

            LEAP Management Social

            cultivates a culture

            of relationships, development

            SRNS Leaders Emerging Among Professionals (LEAP) members
            recently met at the Aiken Center for the Arts for the annual 2019
            LEAP Management Social.
            The social is considered one of LEAP’s capstone events. During
            the event, members are encouraged to network directly with
            experienced managers from across the Site. In a professional   LEAP members talk with SRNS President and CEO Stuart MacVean at the recent LEAP
            yet relaxed atmosphere, members can build personal and lasting   Management Social.
            relationships with upper management and other LEAP members.
            LEAP Networking Sub-Committee Co-Chair Peter Gula finds the
            social a one-of-a-kind, unique professional development event. “With   “With a company the size of SRNS, it is tempting for young
            a company the size of SRNS, it is tempting for young professionals   professionals to feel like a small cog in a large machine.
            to feel like a small cog in a large machine,” said Gula. “This event   This event cuts directly through this challenge.
            cuts directly through this challenge. The Management Social is   The Management Social is an event intentionally designed to cultivate
            an event intentionally designed to cultivate a culture of personal   a culture of personal relationships and talent development.”
            relationships and talent development.”                                     Peter Gula
            SRNS Senior Vice President Business Services Norm Powell
            believes it is important to offer events that foster relationships and
            mentorship opportunities to the future workforce across the site.   every opportunity to quickly grow and develop into the management
            “The younger workforce joining SRNS come to us with new   team of tomorrow,” Powell continued.
            technical skills and a differing perspective on how our work can be   With a focus of business awareness specific to SRNS, LEAP
            performed. This allows us to adopt new ideas and approaches to   provides early-career professionals with networking, professional
            more efficiently perform our vital scope of work,” said Powell.  development and community outreach events, as well as increased
            “These young professionals are the future leaders of SRS and need   visibility with management.

            LEAP climbs to new heights in networking, development events

            LEAP recently offered a professional development presentation   not have an opportunity to
            from the Chief Nuclear Officer of Fluor, Dave Olson, who is also   interact with as they took the
            leading the proposed pit production project at SRS.   leap onto the rock-climbing
                                                                  wall at Active Climbing, a rock
            Olson’s interactive presentation kept LEAP members engaged by
            providing a scenario and allowing them to work together in teams   climbing and ninja training
            to discuss the best approach to handling difficult situations.  center located in Grovetown,
                                                                  Ga., that offers activities for
            Throughout the presentation, Olson introduced a multitude of   people of all ages.
            scenarios, ranging from conflicts within a work group to sexual
            harassment issues. One key piece of advice he gave was to make   LEAP members learned how to
            use of company resources rather than trying to navigate workplace   properly and safely climb, jump
            challenges alone.                                     and secure climbers using a
                                                                  belayed rope while encouraging
            Thirty-eight years in the nuclear cleanup business—with the last 15   team-building at the event.
            years in executive positions—have provided Olson with a unique
            perspective on how to navigate complex challenges that he shared   Aside from climbing, the   Dave Olson explains how to handle a
            with LEAP members.                                    facility offered activities such   difficult situation during his presentation
                                                                  as bouldering, a warped wall,   on overcoming workplace challenges.
            Not only are LEAP members climbing to new heights professionally,   salmon ladder, climbing peg
            but also on the rock-climbing wall.                   boards and areas for games
            Recently, members from a variety of disciplines across the site   such as foosball and foursquare.
            were able to build relationships with peers that they would normally
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