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MAY 2019    |   SRNS TODAY   |   9

            Pictured above are (front row, from left) Francine Burroughs, SRNS Manager, Talent Acquisition & Development; Beth Verdery, Erica Pareizs, Zachary Franklin, William
            Biebesheimer, Donovan Price, Harrison Miller, Anna McCabe and Alex Bates. Also, (back row, from left) Brian Marra, Jahleel Johnson, Sam Sessions, Tyler Newton, Aiyana
            Holland, Thomas Osborne, Walker Burt and Dennis Carr, SRNS Executive Vice President and Chief Operations Officer.
        All in the (SRNS) Family

        SRNS presents 15 scholarships to children of company employees

        Since 2009, nearly $500,000 in college scholarships   And the recipients are…
        has been presented to area students as part of the SRNS
        Family Scholarship program.                          Alexander Bates, son of Bill Bates, SRNL (Nuclear Materials Management
        This year, 15 children of SRNS employees were each
        awarded a $3,000 scholarship, received at a special   William Biebesheimer, son of Richard Biebesheimer, NNSA (Nuclear Material
        ceremony recently held in Aiken, S.C.                Disposition Project)
        The scholarships are awarded to graduating high school   Walker Burt, son of William Burt, Technical Services (Site Services)
        students based on general ability, leadership and scholastic   Zachary Franklin, son of Tracey Franklin, NNSA (Tritium Operations, Training,
        achievement.                                         Procedures)
        “Every year, I’m continually impressed by the long list of   Aiyana Holland, daughter of Sharon Adams, Environment, Safety, Heath &
        achievements obtained and awards received by each of our   Quality (Operational Excellence)
        winning students,” said Stuart MacVean, SRNS President   Jahleel Johnson, son of Seneca Johnson, Technical Services (Site Services)
        and CEO.  “Their morals, values and desire to assist those
        in need are equally amazing.  If these young people are   Brian Marra, son of Sharon Marra, SRNL
        representative of our future leaders, we are in good hands.”  Anna McCabe, daughter of Daniel McCabe, SRNL (Environmental Stewardship)
        MacVean also expressed his hope that one day many of the   Harrison Miller, son of Nathaniel Miller, SRNL (Science and Technology)
        students, like their parents, will consider joining the SRNS
        family.                                              Tyler Newton, son of Lori Newton, Business Services (IT)
                                                             Thomas Osborne, son of Michael Osborne, NNSA (F Area Operations)
        “I want to eventually become a certified registered nurse
        anesthetist, so I’m thankful for their support to help me   Erica Pareizs, daughter of John Pareizs, SRNL (Environmental Stewardship)
        reach this goal,” said William Biebesheimer, North Augusta   Donovan Price, son of Donald Price, NNSA (Tritium Operations, Training,
        High School. “It’s a privilege to be here.”          Procedures)
        “To receive this honor means a lot to me,” said Beth Verdery,   Samuel Sessions, son of Kevin Sessions, NNSA (Tritium Operations, Training,
        Strom Thurmond High School.  “I need to live up to it and   Procedures)
        be responsible in what I do to better myself by obtaining the
        education I need.”  Verdery’s plans are to attend Clemson   Elizabeth Verdery, daughter of John Verdery, Technical Services (Site Services)
        University and obtain a degree in Bioengineering.
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