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8   |   SRNS TODAY   |   MAY 2019

            SRNS employee Taylor Rice assists Harper (left) and Landen Still to created a geodome out of gumdrops and toothpicks.
            Diggin’ Science: Williston kids turn out for STEM event

            This year’s DIG (Dreams, Imagination & Gift) STEM Festival in   profit organization whose goal is to motivate, mentor, encourage
            Williston, S.C., recently saw more than 50 exhibitors working   and enable rural children and youth to excel and make their dreams
            together to provide a day of fascinating hands-on learning involving   and imaginations a reality.
            a myriad of topics for over 4,000 visitors.           “DIG aims to establish a sense of community pride and ownership
            The event was created to showcase a multitude of local exhibitors   by providing an organization that gives residents an opportunity
            who provide engaging activities, live performances, interactive   to play a major role in developing their own youth. Statistics show
            demonstrations and family-oriented STEM (science, technology,   that when a community is involved by volunteering, residents feel
            engineering and math) entertainment featuring drone simulators,   secure, personally invested and tend to do more for the well-being
            robotics, virtual reality and 3-D printing.           of the community,” Brown said. “I am a firm believer that we are
                                                                  witnessing a cultural shift in our communities that will help ensure a
            Aisles and exhibits were filled with area children, teens and their   better future for our residents and youth.”
            families as they browsed through high-tech machines and other
            intriguing devices found at exhibits in this science wonderland.  “As a part of that cultural shift, we realize something big is
                                                                  happening in the rural communities we serve and SRNS is at
            One clever demonstration featured musical bananas that acted as   the center of it,” added Brown. “SRNS has been supporting our
            a simple keyboard. When touched, each played a specific note of   programs and festival for four years, and we are positive that the
            music. The day also featured STEM-based competitions, inflatable   success we’ve had over those years would not be possible without
            play equipment, games and live music.
                                                                  them. All things engineering-related and industry-related stems from
            Steven Brown, DIG president and founder, sees the success of a   SRNS first, and we are glad that they are partners of our STEM
            STEM festival in a rural area like Barnwell County as the proof that   outreach initiatives.”
            his original vision is viable. He described DIG as a tax exempt, non-
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