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4   |   SRNS TODAY   |   JANUARY 2019

            20 million safe hours

            SRNS employees mark a major milestone in safety excellence

            SRNS employees ushered in the new year on Jan. 2, surpassing the   daily commitment by every member of our team. That commitment
            20 million safe work hour mark without a single injury resulting in a   is the common thread that has united our diverse workforce for
            lost day of work.                                     generations,” said Rick Sprague, SRNS Senior Vice President of
            This is the second time SRNS has passed the 20 million safe work   Environment, Safety, Health and Quality.
            hour mark since becoming the SRS management and operations   SRNS employees are responsible for the environmental
            contractor in 2008. The company record stands at 24.8 million.  management of the 310-square-mile site, providing the nation’s
            “This safety achievement exemplifies the SRNS workforce’s   supply of tritium, securing and operating large chemical
            commitment to safe operations at SRS,” said Stuart MacVean,   manufacturing plants and transforming nuclear materials into
            SRNS President and CEO. “Safety is our way of life at the site, and   assets and stable waste forms. Additionally, they are responsible
            our employees take great pride in achieving safety excellence.”  for landlord services across the site, including some of the nation’s
                                                                  unique nuclear facilities.
            This milestone accounts for more than 680 days without a lost-time
            injury for the 5,680-person workforce.
            “The 20 million safe hour milestone is remarkable, but it is built   Photo: SRNS workers prepare to safely package a can of downblended plutonium for
            one day at a time. Ensuring our workers remain safe requires a   shipment out of South Carolina.
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