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JANUARY 2021    |   SRNS TODAY   |   5

                                                                    New fire trucks for the fleet
                              Maintenance technicians Robert Cartwright and
                                 Erik Ruggiero prepare to test a molded case   n an effort to continuously improve SRS infrastructure, the
                                            electrical circuit breaker.  I  SRS Fire Department (SRSFD) recently purchased a 2020
                                                                          Pierce Saber fire engine to replace the old Engine 3.
                                                                    This addition rounds out the replacement of several emergency
                                                                    response vehicles, including replacing two other Pierce Saber
                                                                    engines and an aerial truck.
                                                                    Pierce Saber engines are equipped with the newest safety
                                                                    and industry technology, including the capability to flow more
                                                                    than 1,500 gallons per minute, exterior door handles that are
                                                                    ergonomically designed for a firefighter’s gloved hand, and
                                                                    a maximum 50 degree cramp angle and 15 degree angle of
                                                                    approach, for improved maneuverability in tight areas and
                                                                    challenging situations. This newer model reduces the amount of
                                                                    time it takes to respond to an emergency, and the upkeep costs
                                                                    will be relatively low compared to previous models, as it will
                                                                    experience fewer maintenance problems.
                                                                    The purchase of this new engine is integral to the fleet
                                                                    replacement project, a decade-long initiative to upgrade and
                                                                    standardize the SRSFD fleet.
                                                                    “In a critical situation where every second counts, it is vital that
                                                                    SRS firefighters respond quickly and efficiently,” said Rob Still,
                                                                    SRSFD Chief. “We are working to standardize the fleet so that no
                                                                    matter which vehicle is in use, or where a responder is located,
                                                                    there are personnel who are trained and proficient in operating
                                                                    the equipment.”
                                                                    The project began in 2012 with the purchase of two new fire
                                                                    engines, and several ambulances have been remounted since
                                                                    then. Additionally, SRSFD has added a new vehicle to their fleet
                                                                    every year since 2017. As a result, most of the fleet is less than
                                                                    10 years old.
                                                                    These purchases will increase the safety of more than just
                                                                    SRS employees. SRS has seven mutual aid agreements with
                                                                    surrounding counties, and the SRSFD responds to around 7-10
                                                                    mutual aid calls per year.
                                                                    The SRSFD is scheduled to receive a heavy rescue truck and a
                                                                    hazardous material truck in the next few years to further enhance
                                                                    the fleet.

        According to Grimm, a fresh approach to reaching employees to
        emphasize the importance of the Site’s IDEAS suggestion program
        was planned, developed and implemented throughout the year. “Using
        imaginative and often humorous marketing initiatives created a surge
        in the growth of this program, which helped ensure our success
        towards meeting the cost savings challenge,” he added.
        Significant monetary savings were also gained in areas that included
        a cybersecurity lab equipped from existing SRS equipment and the
        increased effectiveness of passive groundwater cleanup technology
        obtained through solar power.
        “I think it speaks well of SRNS that we’re showing our DOE customers
        that we’re good stewards, striving to perform more work scope with   SRSFD has spent the past decade replacing and updating the emergency response
        less funding,” said Hightower.                            fleet to better improve the safety of SRS and surrounding communities.
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