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        The Adaptor Plate at the bottom of the Shielded Transfer System helps align   This thin sheet of metal, designed by SRS Engineering, is attached with clamps to the bottom
        the cask into the system.                         of the Legal Weight Truck Cask and keeps the adaptor plate from being lifted with the cask.
        Innovative thinking in L Area leads to efficient,

        cost-effective resolution of equipment issue

        L Area Engineering at SRS recently used innovative thinking to cost-  of the STS to help identify the issue and discovered that a small
        effectively and efficiently solve a problem with a piece of equipment   indentation on the end of the cask was intermittently catching on a
        in L Basin.                                            small post from the adaptor plate, causing the plate to be lifted with
        The shielded transfer system (STS) in L Basin is used for dry   the cask.
        unloading of a certain type of spent fuel shipping casks called Legal   Engineers then used 3D software modeling to further delineate the
        Weight Truck, or LWT, casks. LWT casks are taller than other casks   point of interference and to come up with a solution. They designed
        processed in L Basin; therefore, the basin water does not provide   a thin sheet of metal closed with clamps that would fit along the
        adequate shielding for personnel when processing an LWT cask. The   bottom of the STS. Much like a spring form pan used in baking, this
        STS provides a way to keep personnel shielded from spent nuclear   metal kept the cask indentation from catching on the adaptor plate
        fuel within the casks and provides criticality prevention during cask   post. The model was then used to validate the design and to ensure
        processing. A metal adaptor plate, found at the bottom of the STS   no additional interferences were created. Savannah River National
        drywell, is used to help align the cask properly for basket removal.   Laboratory manufactured the piece.
        “In May of 2018, during STS cask processing, operators heard an   “Since its installation, we have completed processing six casks with
        unfamiliar noise,” explained L Area Spent Fuel Project Engineering   the STS and have seen no further issues with the adaptor plate,”
        Manager Stephanie Hudlow. “Upon investigation, the operators   Hudlow said.
        discovered that the adaptor plate had lifted with the cask and then   “The Department of Energy appreciates the work of the L Area
        fell back into the dry well. As there was no readily obvious reason   engineers for finding an inexpensive and operationally simple fix
        that the plate should be lifting, Operations asked L Area Engineering   to the STS adaptor plate issue, and for implementing it while not
        to look into the issue.”                               impacting processing,” DOE-SR Nuclear Materials Manager Maxcine
        Engineers used multiple diagnostic tools to help identify the issue. As   Maxted said.
        part of this diagnostic effort, a camera was placed into the bottom

        SRNS recognized for platinum sponsorship of Habitat for Humanity

         SRNS was recently recognized by the Aiken County Habitat for   In the past 30 years, Aiken County Habitat for Humanity has built a
         Humanity as a Platinum Sponsor at the House 19 Dedication   total of 109 houses. SRNS has played a major role in these home
         Ceremony. A Platinum Sponsor is any individual, group or   dedications since 2010.
         organization that contributes over $2,500 or more in donations to   “The new homeowner and family received the keys to their new
         the construction of the house.                        home, which would not be possible without the great support and
         Chris Caldwell, SRNS Government and Community Relations   generosity of our many donors like SRNS,” said Donald Evans,
         Manager, attended the dedication to accept a plaque honoring   Aiken County Habitat for Humanity.
         SRNS for the support given to Habitat for Humanity. “SRNS   The Aiken County Habitat for Humanity advocates for community
         employees built their first Habitat House in 2010, so it’s fulfilling to   development by providing access to safe, affordable housing for
         align our company giving with the programs where our employees   underserved low-income families in Aiken County through education,
         are volunteering their time,” said Caldwell.          construction and support services.
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