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6   |   SRNS TODAY   |   JANUARY 2021

                      ‘Get on the Bus’

                             Virtual Tour

                        Look beyond the barricades

                        Y       ou can now tour SRS from the comfort of your home, thanks to
                                a video newly created by SRNS Video Services. The video can be
                                seen on and the SRS YouTube channel.
                           SRS public tours are usually booked months in advance, and each year
                           the SRS Tour Program typically provides free, guided bus tours of the
                           sprawling 310 square-mile site to approximately 2,000 visitors. But with
                           social distancing limiting tour bus group sizes, DOE decided to develop
                           this new approach.
                           Based on the driving tour of SRS, the virtual ride incorporates historical
                           footage of the Site’s construction along with glimpses inside many
                           production facilities and environmental cleanup efforts, plus scenes from
                           the diverse work at the Savannah River National Laboratory (SRNL) and
                           Savannah River Ecology Laboratory.
                           “We’ve seen so much of our world change and adapt to this pandemic,
                           so this is an innovative way for us to continue telling our story,” says
                           DOE Savannah River Operations Manager Mike Budney. “As SRS
                           celebrates 70 years of protecting our nation, this virtual tour gives our
                           surrounding communities a new window into our history, our current
                           missions and our talented workforce.”
                           The SRS Virtual Tour is one of many online materials available at
                  A variety of other videos on SRS operations, history and
                           more can be found on the SRS YouTube channel. Please check
                  for SRS Tour Program
                           updates and future scheduling of public tours.

                                   WATCH THE VIDEO:
                                   Go to or
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