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Future, Protecting Against Natural Disas-
                                                   ters During Regional Competition
            6   |   SRNS TODAY   |   JANUARY 2019   Area Students to Design Cities of the

                                                                            IT professional Brad Baker recently visited a Columbia County
                                                                           school during Computer Science Week to share his knowledge
                                                                           and experience. Greenbrier Middle School student Victoria Abell
                                                                           explains to Baker a computer coding project she developed.

            SRNS shares IT experience with middle schoolers

            SRNS Information Technology (IT) professional Brad Baker recently   science teacher at Greenbrier. “It gives them the confidence to
            visited computer science classes at Greenbrier Middle School in   believe they really can do this and follow their passion.”
            Evans, Ga., and, not surprisingly, the most sought-after information   Parker explained that this event also initiates a variety of related
            concerned video game programming.
                                                                  thoughts and ideas in the students’ minds including future
            SRNS IT professionals from SRS visited several middle schools   internships, making valuable contacts or even working within
            during Computer Science Week within Georgia’s Columbia County   businesses and industries they have yet to consider.
            education system to share their knowledge and experience.  “He gave us a lot of insight as to how we could choose a successful
            There was no lack of questions for Baker, an Army veteran whose   pathway if we were to go into coding, programming or software
            IT experience also included years of military service translating and   engineering,” said Greenbrier Middle School student Colby Metcalf.
            teaching Arabic.                                      Baker stated that he was encouraged by the high level of interest
            Questions ranged from computer coding to seeking advice on how   exhibited throughout all the classes receiving his advice. “These
            best to pursue a career in computer science.          kids are so smart. I had sixth graders asking me questions that
            “It’s so important and vital for our students to hear directly from   I would normally have expected from high school students,” said
            those who do this for a living,” said Brandy Parker, computer   Baker. “There’s so much potential here.”
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