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8   |   SRNS TODAY   |   JANUARY 2021

        Supporting small                                         Received Spirit of Alliance Award

        and minority-owned                                       SRNS recently received the George Lottier Rising Star Award during the
                                                                 Georgia Minority Supplier Development Council (GMSDC) 2020 Spirit of
        businesses                                               Alliance Awards ceremony.

                                                                 Through the Spirit of Alliance Awards, the GMSDC honors individuals,
                                                                 small businesses, corporate and government entities for their
                                                                 contributions to supplier diversity and minority business development in
                                                                 the state. The nominees and winners represent the best and brightest
                                                                 business minds, who are ongoing advocates of progressive minority
                                                                 supplier development in Georgia.
                                                                 “The George Lottier Rising Star Award is given to the company with
                                                                 the most promising supplier development program. A program that
                                                                 is relatively new and rapidly growing,” said Alex Agyemang, SRNS
                                                                 Small Business Liaison Officer. “When compared to larger established
                                                                 companies such as Coca-Cola, UPS, Delta and Lockheed-Martin, we
                                                                 have seen tremendous results.”
                                                                 Agyemang added that receiving this award from the GMSDC was
                                                                 particularly meaningful, considering that this organization had been
                                                                 named the National Minority Supplier Development Council’s Council of
                                                                 the Year in 2019.
          Employees from SRNS mentor protégé company Strativia assist SRS employees with
          computer issues. Help Desk Technician Jeremy Collins (left), is assisted by SRS help   “To have received this recognition from the GMSDC is extremely
          desk Manager Kyle Olds with a call.                    gratifying. It says we are executing our vision well, and we are on track
                                                                 to truly make an impact in the supplier diversity community. Achieving
        Nominated for Corporation                                this award speaks volumes,” he said.

        of the Year award                                        Agyemang is grateful for the ongoing support of the SRNS executive
                                                                 team and the buyers who place the orders. Their support made it
                                                                 possible for SRNS to win multiple awards over the past three years.
        Ongoing, in-depth support to small and minority-owned businesses   “Really, more than anything else, this award – and the recognition it
        has led to the nomination of SRNS as the National Minority Supplier   provides – demonstrates how committed we are to our suppliers and
        Development Council’s Corporation of the Year, Class I.
                                                                 ensuring their success as we deliver Site missions,” said Agyemang.
        Only a small number of companies were nominated for this national   “The best suppliers of products and services are the most sought after,
        honor, each representing organizations of a similar size in five   and for good reason. Companies now compete on the strength of
        different classes. SRNS was nominated along with such recognizable   their supply chains, and a strong supplier network has truly become a
        corporations as Microsoft, CVS, Toyota, Johnson & Johnson and the   competitive advantage. We want to position SRNS to be the company
        Walt Disney Company.                                     of choice for the best suppliers, and I believe we’re consistently

        “Though we were not named the winner in our class, being nominated   developing that level of recognition and reputation.
        for this prestigious award clearly places SRNS in the discussion   “Our procurement professionals get to leverage this competitive
        for the best supplier development program in the nation,” said Alex   advantage every time they execute a purchase order or subcontract,”
        Agyemang, SRNS Small Business Liaison Officer.           he added.
        This achievement, combined with the fact that over the last four
        years SRNS has committed $1 billion to small businesses, validates
        the strength of SRNS procurement policies related to supporting and
        growing small businesses. Contract to date, this innovative program
        has received 17 awards, with 15 of these recognitions coming in the
        last three years.
        “Because we’re so specialized in our industry, this honor gives SRNS,
        the Site and DOE an increased level of visibility. This will help draw
        the best of the best small business suppliers to us,” said Agyemang.
        “SRNS didn’t exist to corporations like Bank of America, UPS or Walt
        Disney three or four years ago, and now, we’re a nominee for this
        prestigious award.”
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