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2024 News
07.19.24 SRNS Interns Inventory the Geological Core Repository 04.10.24 SRS Apprenticeship School Continues Partnership with Lower Savannah Council of Governments
07.18.24 New road improvements at SRS generate over 9,000 tons of millings 04.09.24 Student tour advances SRNS IT Youth Apprenticeship
07.17.24 SRS Earns 2024 EPEAT Purchaser Award for Sustainability Efforts 04.02.24 Savannah River Site welcomes new NNSA Field Office Manager
07.17.24 SRNS Sponsors Two Students2Work Program Participants 03.27.24 CNTA and SRNS Celebrate their Partnership at this year’s Membership Appreciation Night
07.11.24 The Future is Now: SRS introduces automation into downblended plutonium shipping package receipt/inspection process 03.26.24 SRNS contributes to the renovation of a local library
07.01.24 SRS debuts data-driven ‘A-team’ for organizational growth 03.26.24 SRNS ‘STEM That Travels’ brings unique offerings to K-12 students
06.12.24 SRNS Internship Program kicks off with booming success 03.25.24 Educational partnerships play key role in SRS workforce pipeline development
06.06.24 SRNS provides $15,000 to global nonprofit, empowering girls in STEM 03.21.24 A VISION to Help a Mission
05.29.24 SRS employee named 2023 EM Small Business Advocate MVP 03.21.24 SRNS partners with Winthrop University to spark talent pipeline
05.28.24 SRNS Mini Grants reach $975,000 total awards for innovative area teachers 03.12.24 SRS-sponsored team advances to DOE’s National Science Bowl
05.22.24 SRNS Family Scholarships distribute $45k among 15 winners 03.06.24 Preserving history with $10,000 SRS Heritage Foundation sponsorship
05.21.24 Mentor-Protégé Program Supports Small Business Success at SRS 03.05.24 SRNS keeps three-year commitment of $45,000 to new Aiken Senior Life Services facility
05.16.24 SRS educates more than 2,000 DIG STEM Festival attendees 03.04.24 SRNS supports STEM with $30,000 donation to DIG Development Program
05.07.24 Children Worldwide Can Now Behold the Boundless Forests of Savannah River Site 02.28.24 Over 1,400 students ‘Discover Engineering’ with SRNS volunteers
05.06.24 Supply chain leaders from SRNS and Los Alamos solidify mutual support agreement for pit production mission 02.26.24 Savannah River Site employees recognized with 2023 Secretary of Energy Achievement Awards
05.01.24 Savannah River Site Walking Tours Revisit Former Town of Ellenton 02.20.24 Local students learn about Cold War history and Savannah River Site career opportunities
04.30.24 STEM Pals: Connecting STEM experts to the community 02.15.24 SRNS Engineers share expertise with students during SRS tour and job shadow opportunity
04.22.24 SRNS retirement plans and financial education initiatives win awards 02.14.24 SRS contractors collaborate for time/cost saving improvement with implementation of new sample laboratory
04.18.24 SRNS ‘STEM That Travels’ program captivates K-12 classes 01.24.24 SRNS Shares Successful Education Outreach Initiatives
04.16.24 Installation of SRPPF temporary HVAC completed at Savannah River Site 01.17.24 Third Joint Cohort of SRNS Nuclear Operators Graduate from Denmark Tech
04.15.24 SRNS Contributes to Edgefield County Youth Empowerment Center’s 2024 Summer STEM/NASA Astro Camp    
2023 News
12.22.23 SRNS Presents $50,000 in Donations to Five Local Nonprofit Organizations 7.27.23 Nearly 50 Student Interns Sign Their Way into Full-Service Roles
12.21.23 Workforce Development Program Plan Addresses SRS Pit Production Staffing Needs 7.18.23 Richmond County Educator Completes Shadowing Opportunity at SRS
12.20.23 SRNS Recognized for Outstanding Continuous Improvement and Operational Excellence Initiatives 7.11.23 SRNS High-Risk Property Training Helps Protect U.S. Strategic Commodities
12.19.23 Gold Level Recognition for a Gold Star Company 6.28.23 Educators Tour ‘National Treasure’ at the Savannah River Site
12.18.23 Career Fair Attracts 160 Potential Applicants to Savannah River Site’s Employment Opportunities 6.27.23 Simulated Active Shooter Exercise Tests SRS Emergency Response
12.14.23 SRNS Mentors WORC with A.R. Johnson Students 6.12.23 Savannah River Site and USCA Education Center Reflect on 40 Years of Partnership
12.12.23 SRNS Supply Chain Procurement Celebrates Record Year 6.8.23 180 Students Earn a Spot in the SRNS Summer Internship Program
12.11.23 SRS employees devise new way to ensure safe storage of radioactive material storage containers 6.8.23 Savannah River Nuclear Solutions Grants Nearly $1 Million to Area Teachers
11.30.23 5-Star Award Presented to EM Savannah River Site and Contractor Partner 6.6.23 Mobile labs enhance training for SRNS employees at SRS
11.30.23 Savannah River Nuclear Solutions Gives $40,000 to Golden Harvest Food Bank 6.5.23 SRS H Canyon facility completes cost-saving system inactivation
11.29.23 SRS Events Celebrate National Apprenticeship Week 6.1.23 Gala Celebration Honors Military Enlistees from Area Schools
11.29.23 Savannah River Site Supply Chain Hosts Staff Augmentation Summit for Over 50 Partner Leads 5.31.23 Williston DIG STEM Festival Creates Big Dreams in Small Places
11.27.23 Public Tours highlight the Past, Present and Future of the Savannah River Site 5.31.23 Savannah River Nuclear Solutions Family Scholarships
11.27.23 Not your average vacuum; SRS employees use unique underwater cleaner to ensure continued spent nuclear fuel processing 5.26.23 Claflin University Students Find Potential Careers Visiting SRS
11.21.23 SRNS donates lifesaving devices to area non-profit 5.19.23 SRS Sponsored Robotics Team Attends International Championship Competition
11.15.23 SRNS Supply Chain Leaders Share Innovative Solutions with Los Alamos National Laboratory 5.10.23 STEP Class Brings Science to Life at the Savannah River Site
11.15.23 Savannah River Nuclear Solutions Donates $25,000 to the Savannah River Site Retiree Association 5.4.23 SRNS Putting the Beat in Heartbeat
11.14.23 USCA Nursing Students Gain Clinical Experience Shadowing SRS Medical 5.4.23 Remote Inspection Modular Building Received in SRS's K Area
11.10.23 SRS to Celebrate Apprenticeship Programs Success During National
Apprenticeship Week
5.3.23 SRNS Knocks GreenJackets “Education Day” Out of the Park
11.9.23 SRS Apprenticeship Program Ignites Opportunity for Students 5.3.23 SRS Operators replace crane motor essential to operations
11.7.23 ‘Excess Express’ Team Reduces and Repurposes $11M in Savannah River Site Assets 4.27.23 Savannah River Site Professionals Recognized as National Supply Chain Program’s MVPs
11.2.23 Tritium Finishing Facility (TFF) Celebrates Start of Site Prep Construction 4.17.23 Savannah River Nuclear Solutions Recognized by the American Heart Association for Commitments to Workforce Well-being
10.31.23 Savannah River Site Hosts “STEM Like a Girl” Event for Local Students 4.5.23 Savannah River Nuclear Solutions Small Business Procurements Help Build Jobs Locally and Beyond
10.25.23 Weapon Intern Program Participants Contribute to National Security Mission 4.3.23 Savannah River Nuclear Solutions Career Fair Brings Job Opportunities to Local Community
10.19.23 SRNS Earns DOE-VPP Legacy of Stars Safety Award 3.30.23 HALEU Production Preparations to Begin at Savannah River Site
10.19.23 Supply Chain Management Brings New Talent to the Savannah River Site 3.29.23 Enrollment, Employment and Enlistment Opportunities to ‘Power Up Your Future’
9.25.23 CSRA College Night Showcases Future Opportunities and Careers 3.23.23 SRNS Partners with Denmark Technical College to Prepare Apprenticeship Program Graduates for Job Openings at SRS
9.19.23 SRS Employees Complete 100th Plutonium Downblending for FY23 3.22.23 First transfer in ABD mission at SRS completed
9.7.23 Kathryn McGee: Student Volunteer to Savannah River Nuclear Solutions Employee 3.16.23 2023 Regional Science and Engineering Fair Competition: 15 Years of Leading Area Students to Careers in Science, Technology and Engineering
9.5.23 SCDHEC Approves SRPPF Air Quality Construction Permit 3.20.23 Clean Energy Catalyst: Savannah River Site Builds Electric Vehicle Fleet
9.1.23 SRS Pivots Deactivation Activities in Legacy Facilities, Resulting in Cost Savings 3.2.23 On-The-Spot Job Offers Made by SRNS at Career Fair in Blackville
8.31.23 SRNS Continues to Serve Its Community 2.23.23 First Joint Cohort of Operator Apprentices Joins SRS
8.30.23 SRPPF Craft Workers Celebrate D&R Milestone 2.14.23 SRS-Sponsored Team Advances to DOE’s National Science Bowl
8.29.23 Twentieth Apprenticeship Program Begins at the Savannah River Site 2.2.23 New Apprenticeship School Draws Students to Careers at SRS
8.25.23 SRNS Fire Protection Engineers Spark Talent Pipeline with USCA 1.31.23 SRNS Inspires Visiting Augusta University Students to Learn about SRS Careers
8.24.23 First Joint Cohort of SRS Operator Apprentices Graduates from Aiken Tech Program 1.30.23 Savannah River Site employees recognized with Secretary of Energy Achievement Awards
8.23.23 HEWD Chairman, NNSA and DOE Leadership Tour SRS 1.25.23 Area Students’ Cities of the Future, Protect Against Climate Change During Regional Competition
8.21.23 CSRA College Night 1.19.23 SRNS Signs Agreements with Paine College and The Citadel to Provide Funding, Internships and Professional Training
8.10.23 Remarkable Recruitment Strategy Brings Fresh Talent to the CSRA 1.13.23 First Shipment of Downblended Surplus Plutonium from SRS’s K Area Leaves South Carolina
7.31.23 SRMC and SRNS team up to help fund Habitat for Humanity home in Aiken 1.9.23 Savannah River Nuclear Solutions Procurement Practices Saves More Than $100 Million
7.27.23 From Gallons to Volts: The Savannah River Site’s Vehicle Fleet Goes Electric
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