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CSRA College Night Returns to the James Brown Arena: Exceeds 100,000 in Attendance Since 1993 SRS Completes Deactivation in Building Used to Produce Fuel for Space Program  Tomorrow: CSRA College Night Welcomes over 90 Colleges and Universities to Benefit Area Students at James Brown Arena CSRA College Night is Back!
2022 News

 9.13.22   SRNS’ Donna Hasty Receives the NNSA Administrator’s Gold Medal of Excellence Award and the Defense Programs Award of Excellence

9.7.22   SRNS Exceeds $1 Billion in Subcontracted Work to Small Businesses

8.29.22   SRNS Employees Take Time Off to Team Up, Helping Those in Need throughout the Greater Augusta Area

8.23.22   SRNS to Hold Engineering, Project Controls Recruitment Fair

8.10.22   Not-So-Basic Training for Future Leaders Multi-state JROTC students learn from STEM Leadership Academy

8.9.22   Third Cohort of Nuclear Operator Apprentices Graduate from SRNS/ATC

8.8.22   SRNS Recruitment Fair Seeks Engineers and Project Controls Professionals

8.2.22   Daycare for SRS Children

8.1.22   SRS Education Outreach Impacts Tens of Thousands Each Year

7.25.22   SRS Guides Industry Standard for Environmental Radiological Monitoring at Nuclear Facilities

7.7.22   Aim for a Nuclear Career at SRS

6.29.22   SRNS Partners with Hiring Our Heroes

6.23.22   SRNS Donates Rescue Truck to City of Aiken Fire Department

6.21.22   SRNS Information Technology Recruitment Fair Inspires Job Candidates, Multiple On-The-Spot Offers Made

6.13.22   SRNS Asbestos Team Tackles Challenging Inspection Task at SRS

6.9.22   Savannah River Site Uses Oil as 'Bait' to Help Destroy Solvents in Groundwater

6.8.22   Prosser Receives Awards for Saving a Toddler from Highway Traffic

6.6.22   SRNS to Hold Information Technology Recruitment Fair

6.6.22   From Mentoring to Resume Help, SRS Contractor Supports HBCU Students



6.3.22   Denmark Tech and SRNS Create Paid Apprenticeship Program to Train SRS Nuclear Operators

6.1.22   “Mark Your Calendars”: SRNS to hold IT Recruitment Fair Awarded

5.26.22   Williston DIG STEM Festival: Rural Kids Learn About Global Opportunities

5.26.22   Savannah River Nuclear Solutions Family Scholarships

5.19.22   SRNS Youth Apprenticeship Program Gains Momentum

5.11.22   SRS Public Tours are Back

5.6.22   SRNS’ Marlene Moore Named NNSA Contractor Security Professional of the Year

4.19.22   First Major Equipment for Surplus Plutonium Disposition Expansion Received

3.31.22   SRNS Employees Volunteer for Project VISION

3.24.22   Student Science Projects Compete for Regional Awards and Spot in International Contest

3.17.22   Oldest Continuous Employee Suggestion Program in the Nation Shared at Aiken Chamber of Commerce Meeting

3.16.22   Lakeside High School Team Wins this Year’s DOE “Science Bowl”

3.15.22   SRNS Partnership with Local School District Thrives Through Pandemic

3.10.22   SRS Cleanup Mission Achieves New Milestone

3.08.22   Annual SRNS and Shepeard Community Blood Center Partnership Saves Thousands of Lives

2.11.22   Savannah River Site Achieves 4,000th Cleanup Milestone

1.31.22   SRS Works with University of Georgia Laboratory to Address Challenging Groundwater Contamination

1.28.22   Cleanup Plan for 25-Mile Stream Corridor at SRS Approved by Regulators

1.26.22   Regional Apprenticeship Programs Rapidly Grow, Creating New Job Opportunities

1.25.22   Futuristic City Competition Solves Today’s Urban Challenges

1.20.22   SRNS and Augusta University partner to introduce students to nuclear science careers

1.18.22   SRS Tritium Projects Complete Banner Year

1.13.22   Collaboration Saves Savannah River Site $12 Million, Invigorates Regional Econom




2021 News Releases

12.16.21   SRS Employees Team Up for 2021 SRS United Way Campaign

12.15.21   Allendale, Bamberg and Orangeburg High School Teachers Benefit from $25,000 in Mini Grants

12.14.21   SRS Toys for Tots Campaign Brings Holiday Cheer to Area Children

12.13.21   Savannah River Nuclear Solutions Receives Recognition for South Carolina Manufacturing Excellence

12.9.21   SRNS Procurement Team Helps Local Businesses Grow

12.1.21   SRNS Information Technology’s Jeffrey Krohn Wins “Stevie Award” During 2021 International Business Awards Competition

11.30.21   Savannah River Nuclear Solutions Donates $20,000 to Help Fund Barnwell Aquatics Center

11.22.21   Student Nurses Gain Experience in Occupational Medicine at the Savannah River Site

11.19.21   ‘Excess Express’ Helps Savannah River Site Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

11.18.21   U.S. Department of Homeland Security Names Savannah River Nuclear Solutions a Cyber Security Champion

11.17.21   Savannah River Nuclear Solutions Invests More Than $1 Billion in Small, Diverse Businesses

11.15.21   Education Outreach at Savannah River Site Draws Interest from Across U.S.

11.11.21   CSRA “Virtual” College Night Exceeds Expectations in Online Attendance

11.03.21   SRNS Media Services department wins two Telly Awards for excellence in video production

11.03.21   CSRA Virtual College Night Tomorrow: Over 70 Colleges and Universities to Benefit Area Students

11.02.21   SRNS Promotes STEM Education with $25,000 Donatation to Sponsor Imagination & Gift Development Programs

10.20.21   “Mark Your Calendars”: CSRA College Night is Going Virtual Thursday, November 4

10.11.21   Savannah River Site Crews Knock Down Cold War Cooling Tower

10.08.21   SRNS Engineers Share Expertise with Educators and Students in Augusta University’s WORCshop@AU Program

10.06.21   Engineering Innovation in Tritium Facility Results in $18.8 Million Saved at SRS

09.27.21   SRS Tritium Extraction Facility achieves record number of operations

09.17.21   SRS Trees Perform Like “Hydraulic Pumps” to Evaporate and Disperse Groundwater Containing Legacy Tritium

09.09.21   SRS Makes Key Progress on Nuclear Legacy Groundwater Cleanup

09.08.21   Innovation Reduces Worker Radiation Exposure During Maintenance of Equipment Used in Tritium Extraction Process

08.18.21   SRS Education Outreach Goes Virtual, Impacting Thousands

08.05.21   Air Force Association CyberCamp Ignites Interest in Cybersecurity for Area Students

08.03.21   Second Cohort of Nuclear Operator Apprentices Graduate from SRNS/ATC

08.02.21   NNSA and SRNS personnel recognized for contributions to NNSA security

07.26.21   SRS Hosts Area Teachers at Annual Environmental Justice Workshop

07.21.21   SRS Demolition of Cold War Buildings Exceeds 1 Million Square Feet

07.19.21   Savannah River Nuclear Solutions Summer Interns and Year- Long Apprentices Help Fill Job Pipeline

07.15.21   SRNS Education Outreach Programs Excel Despite COVID-19 Restrictions

07.13.21   Coding 4 Kids Camp Can be “Cool” During a Hot Summer

07.12.21   Plutonium Downblending moves to four-shift glovebox operations at SRS’s K Area

07.01.21   SRNS and SRR Environmental Management Systems Deemed “Robust”

06.23.21   SRS Facility Supports Removal of Plutonium From South Carolina

06.16.21   H Canyon Makes Room for New Dissolver and New Mission

06.07.21   ‘In the Beam, Science in the Fast Lane,’ a Savannah River Site Journey

06.04.21   Cold War Life at the Savannah River Plant Displayed at SRS Museum


06.03.21   Area Teachers Awarded Grants from SRNS During Curbside Celebration

06.01.21   SRS Strengthens Use of HPI Tools to Aid in Human Error Reduction

05.26.21   SRS Employees Extend Life of Spent Nuclear Fuel Storage Basin

05.25.21   SRS completes years-long effort, doubles capacity of tritium loading line in support of nation’s nuclear deterrent

05.24.21   New Approach Implemented for Assessing Spent Nuclear Fuel Containers

05.21.21   2021 SRNS Celebrity Waiter Night Car Hop Raises over $30,000 for Children's Place, Inc.

05.21.21   Dr. Robert Sindelar Receives Governor's Award for Excellence in Scientific Research

05.20.21   New Mission for Savannah River Site Drones: Inspect Waste Sites with Engineered Protective Covers

05.12.21   Savannah River Nuclear Solutions Family Scholarships Awarded

05.05.21   SRNS Crews Set to Demolish 5 Buildings in 5 Months at Savannah River Site

04.30.21   Savannah River Nuclear Solutions Expands Resources for Children in Aiken and Barnwell

04.29.21   SRNS Uses Silver to Protect the Environment at the Savannah River Site

04.20.21   South Carolina Companies Learn from Award Winning SRS Employee Suggestion Program

04.15.21   Utilization of Existing Resources to Monitor Shutdown Facility Results in $1.8M Annual Savings at SRS

04.14.21   SRS Project Moves from Cleanup to Closure Using Solar-Power

04.12.21   Savannah River Site welcomes new NNSA Field Office Manager

04.08.21   SRS Donates Firetruck to Local Fire Department

04.08.21   SRS completes transfer of equipment, moves closer to accelerated removal of Pu from South Carolina

04.01.21   SRNS employees volunteer for Project VISION community efforts benefitting United Way of Aiken County

03.31.21   Savannah River National Laboratory UAS Team Receives National Recognition

03.25.21   Excess generators shipped to Louisiana to help control flooding

03.23.21   CSRA United Way Presents "Gold Champion Award" to SRNS

03.17.21   2021 Virtual Regional Science and Engineering Fair Competition: Leading Area Students to Careers in Science, Technology and Engineering

03.15.21   SRNS Registered Apprenticeship Program Grows to Include More Careers at SRS

03.11.21   SRNS partners with South Carolina State University to create Fire Protection Engineering Program

03.10.21   SRNL Completes Multi-Year F/H Laboratory Modification Project

02.25.21   Reducing the Footprint: SRNS Nears Deactivation of Savannah River Site's F Area

02.24.21   DOE Regional Science Bowl Draws 18 Teams from SRS Area, Local Team Takes First Place

02.19.21   SRNS Accepting Teachers' Applications for Mini Grants

02.09.21   SRNL Awarded Two DOE Contracts Providing Innovations in Chemical Processing and Drying R&D

02.08.21   'What are Those Pipes For?' SRS Sheds Light on Steam Generation History

02.05.21   Savannah River Nuclear Solutions Saves $12.7 Million in 2020, Reinvests in SRS

02.04.21   Cleanup Success at the Savannah River Site in 2020

02.03.21   SRNS and Clinton College Increase Aid for Students and Create Career Opportunities Through Mutual Agreement

02.01.21   Living on the Moon: Future City Competition Goes Virtual

01.14.21   SRNS Agreement with Morris College Increases Career Opportunities for Students

01.12.21   SRS Completes Canadian TRM Campaign

01.07.21   New SRS 'Virtual Tour' Now Available

01.04.21   2017 CSRA College Night Scholarship Leads Student to SRS

2020 News Releases

12.29.20   Nomination for "Corporation of the Year" Award Affirms SRNS Support for Small and Minority-Owned Businesses

12.16.20   Spirit of Alliance Award Highlights SRNS Role in Georgia Minority Business

12.08.20   SRNS Streamlines Hiring Processes to Provide Interns Job Opportunities

12.04.20   SRS "Toys for Tots" Campaign Creates a Happy Holiday for Area Children

12.02.20   The Future of Training Arrives at SRS Tritium Facilities

11.24.20   SRNS Raises over $1.1 million for Local United Way Agencies

11.23.20   Innovation Key to Closure of Coal Yard at SRS

11.20.20   Gov. McMaster, SRNS Announce Major Apprenticeship Commitment

11.19.20   Students, SRS Experts Engage in 'STEMulating' Conversations

11.18.20   SRS Crews Successfully Demolish Facility Once Critical to Cold War Reactors

11.16.20   Preserving the History of the Savannah River Site

11.12.20   Xiao Named 2020 Don Orth Award Recipient

11.10.20   Virtual Field Trips to the Savannah River Site Become Reality

11.09.20   Dr. Paul Cloessner Receives Distinguished Scientist Award

10.29.20   SRNS Contributes $27,000 To Golden Harvest Food Bank

10.28.20   SRS Personnel Honored for Support to NNSA Mission

10.27.20   SRNS Receives Multiple Awards at 2020 IdeasAmerica Global Conference

10.22.20   SRNS Receives Two Coveted DOE-VPP Awards

10.20.20   NNSA Contribution to Museum Helps Tell Story of SRS Role in National Security

10.19.20   New SRS Tritium Facility Capability Increases Process Efficiency

10.15.20   Weapon Intern Program Graduates from SRS Grow Knowledge and Experience

10.14.20   Savannah River Site Closes Soil Cleanup System, Saving $264,000 Annually

10.08.20   Savannah River Nuclear Solutions Invests Millions in Small Businesses, Creating Jobs, Helping to Put America Back to Work

10.07.20   Two SRNS Employees Receive Department of Defense Patriot Award

10.05.20   SRNS/ATC Graduate First Cohort of Operator Apprentices

09.30.20   Savannah River Site Buildings Dismantled, Donated to Local Community Reuse Organization

09.29.20   2019 SRS Annual Environmental Report Released

09.28.20   IdeasAmerica: Green Idea of the Year Award Finalist at SRS

09.25.20   NNSA releases Environmental Impact Statement for plutonium pit production at Savannah River Site

09.23.20   Savannah River Nuclear Solutions, Denmark Technical College and Voorhees College Increase Career Opportunities for Students

09.2020    SRNL Names University of South Carolina radiochemistry and materials scientist to joint appointment

09.21.20   3D Printing Improves Radiological Safety at SRS for Low Cost

09.18.20   Silver-Bearing Sludge at SRS Recycled for U.S. Precious Metals Repository

09.15.20   ARPA-E Awards $3.8M to SRNL for Tritium Fuel Cycle Projects to Improve Energy Productionn

09.15.20   Savannah River Nuclear Solutions Employee Earns Third Consecutive Small Business Award

09.14.20   Savannah River Nuclear Solutions, Allen University and Benedict College Strive to Increase Career Opportunities Through Beneficial Agreement

09.02.20   University of South Carolina Aiken Hosts American Society of Safety Professionals Safety Program

09.01.20   Paragon Signs License Agreement for SRNL Packaging Innovation

08.26.20   SRS Working to Clean Up 12-Acre Coal Yard from Now-Defunct Cold War Powerhouse

08.24.20   Savannah River Site Improves Planning for Steam Outages at H Canyon

05.07.21   Lunar Living Special Award Presented to McCracken Middle School Team at Future City National Competition

08.19.20   SRNS Divisions Win Coveted Safety Achievement Awards

08.14.20   SRS Crews Build Second Water Line to Support Salt Waste Processing Facility

08.13.20   SRS-Based Radiological Assistance Program Supports Mars 2020 Launch

08.10.20   $5,000 SRNS Donation to Orangeburg-Calhoun Technical College Breathes Financial Life into Many Students Impacted by COVID-19

08.04.20   Savannah River National Laboratory, Los Alamos National Laboratory Collaborate to Prepare for NNSA Pit Mission

07.23.20   SRS Resumes Plutonium Downblend

07.20.20   Apprenticeship Program at SRS Provides Training, Potential Employment for ATC Students

07.16.20   DOE Honors SRS Team with National Excellence Award for Coal Ash Cleanup

07.13.20   NNSA Administrator visits SRS to recognize workforce dedication

07.01.20   SRNS Earns High Grades for Reaching 260,000 Students and Educators While Investing Millions in Local Schools Prior to COVID-19 Pandemic

06.30.20   SWMF Disposes of Safety and Control Rods from the Five SRS Production Reactors

06.24.20   SRS's HB Line Placed in Safe Shutdown Status

06.15.20   South Carolina DHEC Electronic Permitting System Goes Live with First Use for Asbestos Demolition Permits at SRS

06.12.20   Savannah River Nuclear Solutions Partners with Augusta University Health to Provide COVID-19 Testing for SRS Employees

05.07.20   Batteries Weighing Over 90 Tons Successfully Removed from SRS Ahead of Schedule

04.30.20   SRNS Mini Grants Help Over 100 Local Teachers

04.29.20   Savannah River Nuclear Solutions Family Scholarships Awarded

04.17.20   NNSA releases instructions for virtual public hearing on Draft Environmental Impact Statement for proposed plutonium pit mission at SRS

04.02.20   Public invited to comment on Environmental Impact Statement for proposed plutonium pit mission at Savannah River Site

03.13.20   SRS Postpones Public Tours (UPDATED 09.14.20)

03.09.20   Southside High School Team Wins this Year’s DOE “Science Bowl”

03.06.20   SRNS Hits Homerun with Inaugural Field Day Event

03.03.20   Savannah River Site Fights Contamination with Massive Underground Wall

03.02.20   Career Tour at SRS Highlights Advantages of Technical College Education

03.02.20   SRNL Researcher Elected to ASTM International Board of Directors

02.27.20   Tritium Finishing Facility at Savannah River Site Reaches Key Milestone

02.26.20   SRNS and USC Aiken Agreement Confirms the Future is Now, by Supporting Military Veterans

02.11.20   Crews Replace Roof of Laboratory Integral to Savannah River Site

02.05.20   SRNS Partners with Two S.C. Historically Black Colleges and Universities Signing Mutually Beneficial Memorandums of Understanding

02.05.20   SRNL Achieves 5 Million Safe Hours Worked

01.31.20   Growing Small Business Mentor-Protégé Programs at SRS Supports DOE Missions

01.30.20   Cleanup Workers Transform Former Waste Site Into Grassy Field at SRS

01.28.20   South Carolina Students Create Cities of the Future, Striving to Attend National Competition: Regional Winners Announced

01.28.19   Stuart MacVean Recognized as 2020 National Safety Council’s CEOs Who “Get It”

01.13.20   Students Explore “IT for a Day” at the Savannah River Site

01.08.20   SRNL Teams Honored by Secretary of Energy

2019 News Releases

12.20.19   2018 Environmental Report Shows SRS Environmentally Safe

12.20.19   SRS Public Tours: Opportunity to See the Past, Present and Future of the Savannah River Site

12.16.19   SRS Shifts to Low-Cost Technology to Remove Remaining Solvents at Basin

12.12.19   Savannah River Site Successfully Demolishes Legacy Facility

12.05.19   SRS Employees Exceed Major Christmas Milestone with Toys Donated to Local “Toys for Tots” Campaign

11.27.19   SRNS Raises over $1.2M to Local United Way Agencies

11.26.19   SRNL Seeking Partners for the DOE Visiting Faculty Program

11.26.19   Relay Race Brings Joy to those in Need this Holiday SeasonRelay Race Brings Joy to those in Need this Holiday Season

11.25.19   Materials from SRS Help Prepare Future Welders

11.21.19   SRS Employees Show Their Creative Side at Aiken Center for the Arts

11.15.19   SRNL's Dr. Thong Hang Elected AIChE Fellow

11.14.19   SRNS Wins National Cyber Award for Innovation Excellence at USC Aiken

11.13.19    Area Students Experience Tasks at SRS During Nuclear Science Week

11.12.19   Hiring U.S. Vets is a Priority at SRNS

11.07.19   SRNL names Dr. Christine Langton 2019 Donald Orth Award recipient

11.05.19   Tritium Extraction Sets the Stage for Future Service to Nation

11.01.19   SRNL Radiation Detection Systems Operating at Ports of Tacoma and NY/NJ

10.31.19   Savannah River Site Contractors Continue to Earn Industry Safety Recognition

10.30.19   SRNL’s Dr. Elizabeth Hoffman Named 2019 ASM International Fellow

10.29.19   SRS Celebrates 20th Annual Deer Hunt for Wounded Warriors and the Mobility Impaired

10.23.19   Savannah River Nuclear Solutions Auditor Honored as an Emerging Leader

10.22.19   LDRD Advancing Science: SRNL Completes Annual R&D Proving Ground

10.18.19   SRNS Employees Recognized for Support to U.S. Nuclear Deterrent

10.16.19   DOE Honors SRS for Drones Performing Rooftop Building Maintenance

10.14.19   SRS Savings Lead to ‘One-Stop Shop’ for Employee Onboarding

10.09.19   SRNS Recognized for Supplier Development Across the Region

10.03.19   Children's Place Presents SRNS with Distinguished Team Award

10.01.19   CSRA College Night Passes 25-Year Anniversary and Exceeds 100,000 in Attendance

09.24.19   SRNS Continues Annual Support of Golden Harvest Food Bank with $20,000

09.19.19   SRS Deploys Innovation to Clean Up Groundwater Contamination

09.17.19   Two SRNS Teams Honored by NNSA Office of Safety, Infrastructure and Operations with Awards of Excellence

09.10.19   $75,000 Donation for Radiation Protection Program Raises SRNS Support of Aiken Technical College to $500,000

09.09.19   SRNL and Internships: A Symbiosis Made in Science

08.29.19   Savannah River National Laboratory’s Connie Herman Receives 2019 D. T. Rankin Award

08.27.19   SRNS Wins International Award for Video Promoting a Strong Safety Culture

08.26.19   National Safety Council Recognizes SRNS for Safety Excellence with Two Awards

08.19.19   MARK 18A Ribbon Cutting for Mock Up Facility: Turning Nuclear Waste into Valuable Material

08.19.19   Recycled Iron Used to Neutralize Solvents in Groundwater Beneath SRS

08.13.19   Local Students Measure Health of Savannah River by its

07.16.19   SRS Contractors Honored with State Safety Award

07.12.19   Mobility Impaired and Wounded Warriors Deer Hunt Registration Begins

05.26.19   DHEC Recognizes SRNS for Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Resourcefulness

06.26.19   Driving Supplier Opportunities and Empowering Leadership throughout the Region

06.25.19   SRNS Early- and Mid-Career Professionals Partner During Project Unite

06.05.19   SRNS Surpasses 25 Million Safe-Work Hours, Marking New Record

05.23.19   Wounded Warriors and Mobility-Impaired Residents “Cast” for Trophy Fish at SRS during Day of Honor

05.22.19   Decade of SRNS Mini Grants to Local Teachers Reaches $600,000s

05.21.19   SRS Contractors Recognized for Site-Wide Safety Performance Excellence

05.20.19   SRNS AMP Members Learn What It Means to Lead Healthy Teams

05.10.19   Savannah River Nuclear Solutions Family Scholarships Awarded

05.08.19   Williston DIG STEM Festival: Rural Kids Learn About Global Opportunities

05.02.19   Hiring Success at SRNS

04.24.19   SRNS Presented Five National Awards at the 18th Annual DOE Small Business Forum & Expo

04.23.19   Dunbarton Bay Ash Cleanup Project: SRS Environmental Restoration and Preservation Continues

04.15.19   SRNS Recipient of Two National Awards for Retirement Plan

03.25.19   SRNS Intern Honored as “Future Leader” by the American Welding Society

03.22.19   SRNS Economically Powers Local Communities

03.21.19   2019 Regional Science and Engineering Fair Competition: Leading Area Students to Careers in Science, Technology and Engineering

03.20.19   SRNS Operations and Construction Divisions Recognized for Continued Safety Excellence by South Carolina Manufacturers Alliance

03.18.19   SRNS Employees Take Time Off to Team Up and Help Neighbors in Need

03.07.19   Students and SRS Employees Explore “Teach-Ins” throughout CSRA Middle Schools

03.05.19   CSRA Team Wins this Year’s DOE “Science Bowl”

02.28.19   Millbrook Elementary Students Experience Annual Celebration of Science with the Help of SRNS Employees

02.13.19   Students Explore Career Options While Shadowing SRS Employees

02.12.19   Oxidants Neutralize Waste Solvents in Savannah River Site Aquifer

01.29.19   Area Students to Design Cities of the Future, Protecting Against Natural Disasters During Regional Competition

01.10.19   SRNS Employees Surpass 20 Million Safe-work Hours

01.09.19   DOE Awards Contract for Administrative and Technical Support Services at Savannah River Site

01.09.19   SRNS Accepting Applications for 2019 Summer Internship Program

01.02.19   Savannah River Site Offers Public a Look Behind the Barricades

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